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Beszo was brought up in a rural community in the south west of England .After leaving school he served as a member of Her Majestys Armed Forces (where he visited different locations around the world) Since then he has been working in construction,and still does to this day.Beszo writes songs in many different genres.Beszo was a semi-finalist in the 2011 UK songwriting contest and was commended in 2012 and 2013.He has had 25 top ten songs on and 14 number ones with different songs in different genres.Beszo originally began recording under the artist name Beso and has released 2 songs under that artist name (DADDY COME HOME and JUST ANOTHER STATISTIC) Since then he changed his name to Beszo and has released 1 song (ENGLAND where it all began)
01. There's only ever losers in a war PLAY -
02. Daddy come home PLAY -
03. I know i believe in you PLAY -
04. England (where it all began) PLAY -
05. My childhood days PLAY -
07. Six bottles of wine PLAY -
09. Dream your problems away PLAY -
010. You cant park there its a bus stop PLAY -
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